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TTFU Welcomes EU Decision to Grant Candidate Status to Ukraine

The Transatlantic Task Force for Ukraine (TTFU) resolutely welcomes the unanimous decision of the European Union and member states on June 23 to grant candidate status to Ukraine.

This is a seminal and historic decision paving the way for Ukraine to move forward towards full membership in the European Union. It highlights the remarkable efforts and the courage of the Ukrainian people who have never wavered on their democratic path in the EU, despite Russia’s ongoing war and ceaseless efforts to prevent Ukraine’s European integration.

Today Ukrainians are one substantial step closer to achieving this collective goal, and a more secure, prosperous, and democratic future. Ukraine’s road ahead is, beyond doubt, challenging, and Ukrainians will require further support, including from international partners, to meet EU requirements. It is critical that this support is coupled with continued and increased military and non-military assistance from Kyiv’s allies to win the fight against Russia and implement a viable, sustainable and successful Ukraine recovery plan.

TTFU also recognizes and congratulates Moldova and the Moldovan people who, along with Ukraine, received well-deserved European Union candidate status.